Happy 17th Birthday

The nights are drawing in, and Halloween is almost upon us – that must mean it’s time to wish SimeWorld a Happy Birthday!

It is now 17 years since I started SimeWorld, and I think watching my kids grow up too quickly has slightly numbed me to how fast that has gone over. It is mind-boggling when I stop to think of everything that has happened in my life in that time!

Where are we right now though, I hear nobody ask. Well I will tell you. I am still working in St Helens (I never was one for job hopping) and I finally got my third Microsoft MCP qualification to make me an MCSA. Not sure what my next exam will be yet, but I am taking a break from it for a couple of months anyway.

Joanne is still working for Knowsley Education, and has passed her BSL Level 2. She has started attending a singing choir and a BSL signing choir quite recently. After gaining both BSL exams and a Braille qualification I think she is just happy to be doing something other than studying all the time!

Matthew is in his 2nd year at Uni and is working hard towards his media qualification. He has been planning, creating, filming and editing several short films, and he also enjoys a bit of amateur photography when he can.

Heather left school in July and has just started at Liverpool City College, where she is working towards a bakery/confectionary qualification. Creating and baking are two things she has always loved, so if she can turn it into a successful career then she will be a very lucky girl.

Frame of Mine is continuing, and we’re still creating new frames. We don’t get as much time on this as we would need to make a proper success of it, but we keep things ticking over and any money we make goes towards our holidays.

Speaking of which I am still enjoying going away several times a year if we can, and this year we have been to Lisbon and Calafell (Spain), with an upcoming short break to Benalmadena. We don’t smoke, don’t gamble, and barely drink, so why not spend our hard-earned cash on something that makes us happy!

I’ve just realised, when looking back at last year’s post, that I still haven’t put the footage of my Dad talking about his life onto the computer to edit together. So, I hereby promise to have this done well before my post next year, when SimeWorld officially becomes an adult!

Until then, take care of yourself and your loved ones, and above all else….be kind.